Monday, March 27, 2006

so that's why they call him "the rocket"

"All the Team USA pitchers -- and pitching coach Marcel Lachemann -- were in awe of Roger Clemens. But one thing they weren't ready for was Clemens taking that Icy Hot that pitchers rub on their shoulders and arms and spreading it over his upper thighs and private parts. "He doesn't want to get comfortable on the mound," says Jake Peavy, who tried the same trick Friday night in Phoenix. " -from "the commissioner's" espn insider blog


Before Girl said...

I once saw a guy who did that as part of a bet on the Howard Stern show (when Stern had a late night TV show on E!) and that guy screamed and screamed even after laying full length on the men's room sink and dousing himself with water from the sink.

monts said...

i remember seeing that same thing on stern's E show... i can't believe clemens does that! what a nut!