Friday, September 07, 2007


rod dreher over at crunchy con recently linked to this piece by amy wellborn dubruiel, a catholic blogger who i don't know but feel like i should.

anyway, in the piece above amy provides a horrifying tour through some of the more egregious expressions of contemporary EEEvangelical* worship and suggests why such expressions lead many christians to long for liturgy and tradition.

as i read her post, i was particularly touched by the great example northeastern christian church in louisville set for my own bretheren and sisteren by foregoing worship on july 1st to host showings of evan almighty. nice.

if you take a few minutes to read the article, let me know what you think.

* in his brief introduction, rod labels these forms as "emergent." since emergent is a generative conversation, not a worship style or a sermon series on sanctified, astroglide-anointed sex, i'm going to have to disagree with rob on that characterization. i hope that people do not start using the label emergent as a tag all of the worthless pop-art, market-driven, mega-church worship styles that most of us in the emergent conversation love to hate. that mis-characterization would be tragic.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

a quick update

it's been over twenty days since i posted, so i thought i'd s.p.e.w. a little drivel.

over the past couple of weeks i've been:

  • playing politics, er, i mean diversify my responsibilities at rectangle by writing grants, abstaining from inter-office sin and solidifying my position as placement king

  • investing as much time as i can in ministry at the gathering

  • continuing to learn how to love my wife like Christ loves the church

  • enjoying every minute i spend with my old/new housemates, the de franzas

  • preparing for my final seminary class which i ultimately realized i do not have the money to attend

  • walking the dizzle and her new "friend" general jackson

  • taking preston to daycare every morning, picking him up every afternoon and loving every minute of it

  • looking forward to reconnecting with friends from the second city

  • laughing my arse off at this post on this site

  • wondering why the cardinals are outperforming their pythagorean record by nine games

  • starting to get excited about halloween...

  • but resisting the the temptation to attend the rectangle halloween party as a black-faced, pixie stick sniffin', pin stripe sportin' dr. k
that's all for now. expect the valiant return of somewhat reasonable and meaningful posts in the not too distant future.