Friday, January 14, 2005

description of the day

The most recent bowl of Chicken Soup has been specially prepared for the Nascar Soul. In Chicken Soup for the Nascar Soul, superstar drivers such as Jeff Gordon and Bobby Labonte will inspire you with stories about the teamwork, dedication and courage that it takes to win both the Nextel Cup and the race of life. You've been amazed by the blazing speed and intense competition of Nascar. Now, let the men of Nascar amaze you with their heart-warming stories.
happy haiku friday!

friends, let us eschew


for the smell of church

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

survey says...

david and bubble-bathsheba and john the baptist: wet and wild were the two titles that were actually published. these books were a part of a series that was intended to help children move beyond legalism by identifying how elements of the sacred are woven into even the most secular pursuits (i.e., adultery, murder and porn). although these titles are currently out-of-print you might be able to locate copies in the amazon market place or by attending one of the warehouse sales our large consumer-driven christian company holds on a quarterly basis.

congratulations to mr. brian simkins for providing the correct answer. as a reward he will be receiving a brand-new copy of flaming dog-poo and the human response sometime within the next 4-6 weeks.
name that title!

in my work at the large consumer-driven christian company i sometimes come across christian books with titles that are often odd and sometimes scandalous. today i have compiled a list of eight of these titles. your job, dear reader, is to distinguish the titles that were actually published from the titles that were produced by my original-sin stained mind. two of these titles were actually published. which ones were they?

without further adieu, the titles:

learning to love like lot's daughters
david and bubblebath-sheba
solomon speaks out on monogamy
from pimp to promise-keeper: the life of Abraham
jeremiah eats it
john the baptist: wet and wild
fatty fall down: the life and times of eli the high priest
from whore to holy: the adventures of mary magdalene

please note: the winner of this contest will not receive a cash prize, copies of the actual titles or even "brownie points." however, upon request, the winner can, upon request, receive a flaming bag that will be delivered directly to his or her porch. please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. employees of the large consumer-christian company may not enter this contest. void where prohibited.
description of the day

marriage under fire by dr. james dobson

Homosexual activists, rogue judges and liberal politicians are on the verge of destroying the institution of marriage. When are Christians going to take a stand? In Marriage Under Fire Dr. James Dobson exposes the elaborate schemes of the homosexual activists and provides unassailable arguments against homosexual marriage. Furthermore, Dr. Dobson provides a clear battle plan for Christians who are ready to fight for the preservation of our families and nation. Do not miss this opportunity to take a stand!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

listening to vanier

last night i began, yet again, to read jean vanier's community and growth. halfway through the introduction i found myself tottering on the precipice of tears and wondering why i have set this book aside so many times. since i am planning to write either a series of reflections or a serious review of the book in the future, i thought i might whet your appetite by sharing a few salient quotes and one remarkably beautiful metaphor.

"the destruction of intimate community has been at our own hands. it corresponds to our own hierarchy of much as we yearn for community, we yearn even more for the social and economic prizes mobility can bring." vanier, community and growth, pg. 2.

"community means more than the comfort of souls. it means, and always has meant, the survival of the species." vanier quoting parker palmer, ibid., pg. 3.

"we expect a theophany of which we know nothing but the place, and that place is called community." vanier quoting martin buber, ibid., pg. 8.

young people must be led to "true community where they can become men and women of prayer and compassion, open to others and to the world, particularly the poor, the oppressed, the lost, and the vulnerable, and thus become artisans of peace." vanier, ibid., pg. 5.

artisans of peace. that just killed me.

Monday, January 10, 2005

product description of the day

captivating by john and stasi eldredge

Confused by your femininity? Then pre-order Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge! In Wild At Heart John Eldredge challenged millions of men to exchange their apathy for a life filled with passion. Now, in Captivating, John and his beautiful bride Stasi challenge women to rediscover their heart, unveil their beauty and embark on the great adventure of their lives. Expect Captivating to send shockwaves of spiritual renewal throughout the American church!