Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Name Game
by the Pixie aka the "Dairy Queen"

Yesterday Preston and I made our first trip into Boston via public trans. We discovered a few interesting things along the way that we wanted to share. First, Preston's African-American name is Jaden. According to a high-school girl on the Red Line, he does not look like a Preston -- he's a Jaden. Second, while waiting to see the doctor we made friends with the other patients. Right next to us were two middle-aged ladies with a little girl. Since most 5-year-olds get into some sort of trouble while waiting, it didn't take much work to find out the little girl's name. We have spelled it phonetically because we are scared to type the only spelling we could guess. "Air-ee-oh-la, I told you not to run in here!" Poor girl is going to want to run away from her name some day.