Friday, August 03, 2007


as i mentioned to my friend aaron and a couple of others this week, in regards to worship i am beginning to suspect that most Christ followers have very little interest in collaboratively creating the content of Christian teaching or shaping the liturgy of the church every week. since we live in a society wherein we are constantly engaged in the process of self-creation (see: myspace, blogging, fake breasts) i do not find it surprising that that relatively few people are interested in open source teaching approaches or truly interactive worship. rather, when they come to worship they simply want to hear the word, receive the sacrament and, perhaps, participate in the sharing/fellowship of their faith.

what is more, i really think this
ok. while i really appreciate innovative services in which the teachings are dialogical, the worship is improvisational and the fellowship is quirky and unpredictable, i’m not sure that’s where i want to live. i would rather focus on cultivating the creativity that springs out of order and regularly practicing the traditions/disciplines of the faith in hopes that the tried and true paths will lead us towards something of enduring worth.

anyway, that’s what i’m thinking at the moment. does that sound traditionalist or what?

the thought of rosie o'donnell joining the cast of friday night lights is as despicable as:

1) fred thompson's pro-life record

2) lindsay lohan's "wild amputee" sex scene

3) rush limbaugh anchoring all things considered

4) michael vick, spca volunteer

5) joel osteen

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

only in massachusetts: helping hands monkey helpers

yesterday while researching grants i stumbled upon helping hands a massachusetts based non-prof that provides spider monkey assistants to quadri and paraplegic individuals. i've always had a particular affinity for our knuckle scraping forbears and heartily share david sedaris' sentiment that these monkeys are so cute it "makes you want to throw yourself in front of a bus just to get one."

Monday, July 30, 2007

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