Tuesday, July 31, 2007

only in massachusetts: helping hands monkey helpers

yesterday while researching grants i stumbled upon helping hands a massachusetts based non-prof that provides spider monkey assistants to quadri and paraplegic individuals. i've always had a particular affinity for our knuckle scraping forbears and heartily share david sedaris' sentiment that these monkeys are so cute it "makes you want to throw yourself in front of a bus just to get one."


Agent B said...

Yeah..."researching grants".

I know what you were really googling.

mike said...

but the real question is can the monkey open a beer for me with out a posable thumb?

cade said...


pray for mojo.

Before Girl said...

So many Simpsons jokes, so little time.

Those monkeys wear diapers, right? So if the whole reason the monkey is there is to be the hands you, as the quad/para-plegic, need, then who changes the monkey diapers? Do the monkeys change themselves? Or do they learn to use the toilet?

mike said...


i think they just throw the poo like at the zoo

Tyler said...

I forsee a problem with leg-humping...or at least hope they go for a leg.

g13 said...

actually, mike, i think that the animal attendants slather the monkeys as*es with anti-bacterial gel in hopes that when the monkey goes rooting around for bugs on its arse the hands are cleaned in the process.

btw, beforegirl, that was such a you question.

tyler - your comment makes me wonder if they've ever employed monkeys that have gone rogue. if so, i'm certain the little forefather wrecked havoc!