Tuesday, December 25, 2007

a place for a manger

throughout the christmas season, the boston globe has been featuring a series of stories on Ma Siss' Place and the Quincy Street Missional Church in dorchester, massachusetts. through city on a hill and my friendship with aaron graham, i have had the opportunity to worship, serve and eat with the good folks at quincy street on a couple of occasions. if Christ's first Advent had taken place today, i think Ma Siss' former chop shop would be a fitting substitute for bethlehem's stable.

when you get a moment, please take a moment to peruse michael paulson's excellent series on Ma Siss' redemptive community.

part one: birth - from a dorchester chop shop, a place to pray
part two: mission - a call to serve, and to lead
part three: crisis - a crisis year, and a christmas comeback
part four: future - and who, now, will lead them?

may Christ's shalom be with you and yours throughout this holiest of holiday seasons.