Thursday, July 20, 2006


this morning christianity today posted this piece which provides a lebanese pastor’s perspective on the current conflict between lebanon and israel. as i read this article, i agreed with some of the assertions and quibbled with a few others, however by the time i finished the article i was filled with hope for the future of evangelicalism.

i realize that the latter statement makes little sense at first sight, so let me briefly flesh it out. this article was printed on the website of a magazine that was founded by an evangelist who at one time lobbied for a stronger c.i.a., eagerly snuggled into the pocket of political leaders and all but wrapped himself in the american flag. but now, a mere thirty years later, the flagship publication of the neo-evangelical movement that this man inspired and for all practical purposes personally started is listening to and serving as a conduit for people who reside well outside of our western, white box and so encouraging its readers to assess world events through a Kingdom focused, as opposed to a simplistic apocalyptic or nationalistic, lens.

i’ve had, and will continue to have, my share of differences with the sub-cultural assumptions, quasi-certain theological assertions and missiological tendencies of mainstream evangelicalism. however, when i read articles like this i am reminded of randall balmer’s repeated assertions that evangelicalism is the most diverse and readily adaptable forms of Christianity and i am sanguine about our ability to re-embrace the holistic approach to social compassion, biblical proclamation and unfettered hope that characterized the best of our evangelical forbears.

i’ve shared so much of my jaded side with you lately. i hope that those of you who follow Christ with me will share at least a bit of this optimism.

may the peace of Christ, that truly surpasses all understanding, descend upon the holy land. and, as our Lord taught us to pray, let us plead for God’s Kingdom of justice, compassion and righteousness to come.

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thinkerthereforeammer said...

may the peace of your backward-assed shit-hole religion continue to lead you to rear-entry pleasures...thanks anyway, neo-con boy.