Monday, July 17, 2006

mid-afternoon time waster

after re-reading my last post, i have to say, wow...i really need to stick to prose. let me untangle what i just tried to say: i think it's time for me to apply the tools of deconstruction that i've developed over the years to my own spiritual life or relative lack thereof. i'm beginning to realize, once again, that any real reformation must start within.

okay, enough of that. if you haven't checked out you've been kicked in the nuts on youtube, you're missing out. here's the link:


Mike said...

dude for a minute there i thought that was you in that green robe

Mike said...

what is sad is that i am almost certain that Bravo has a show like that in the works.

g13 said...

no way dude. i was the clown kicking those kids.

and i'm sure this series will be picked up by spike, not bravo. i've heard that spike has developed the series to counter the raging popularity of oh my God, did you SEE what she's wearing? on TLC.