Thursday, June 15, 2006

this, that and the other

this looks like one hell of a read.

that is reason #3,612 that i am no longer affiliated with the southern baptist convention.

the other makes me as happy as a puppy with two peters.


Dustin said...

i'm not sure if you are being sarcastic about the book or not.

actually sounds interesting to me, to hear a perspective of the "christian" music scene from an "outsider". Probably pretty humorous.

gosh, i can't stand the "Christian music industry". what a bunch of garbage. --That was solely just to complain. sorry.

g13 said...

i wasn't being sarcastic at all, but i don't blame you for the assumption.

i actually stopped by the library today to see if it was available. this book might be the closest to chuck klosterman takes on Christian culture that we ever get!

jackaway said...

fucking SBC bullshit. if they were drinking the beer im drinking now they would change their thoughts.

sometimes the body of Christ packs around an extra amount of ass.

in other news...i love you!

g13 said...

the only upside i can see to the SBC resolution is cheaper beer throughout the south. if you lower demand, then prices are sure to decrease.

as a kid, my daddy always told me to never take just one southern baptist fishin' lest he drink all your beer. it is far better, he reasoned, to take two southern baptists along so that their mutual accountability would help keep your cooler stocked.

that being said, i do know some southern baptists who imbibe the devil's brew. of course, most of them live in new england, where they can remain outside the oversight of their more conservative bretheren.

all this talk is making me thirsty.

i love you too bro. you and deion can always have free access to my cooler.

Before Girl said...

Clerks II? Sounds like someone needs some quick money because "Jersey Girl" and "Vulgar the Clown" didn't work out so well.

james said...


Between Chapter's 9 and 10 is one featured, Mark Salomon, the former frontman of high school favorite "The Crucified." He's got some pretty miserable things to say of the Christian music industry in one of the only palatable books Relevant has ever published, "Simplicity."

Yes, like you, I'm extremely intruiged at the potential of this book. (how could i not be as a five-timer of Cornerstone!) At present Liteway does not carry the title, though should it in the near future I'll see what I can do.