Monday, June 12, 2006

church marketing SUCKS

a few moments ago, while perusing out of ur, one of my favorite God blogs on the net, I noticed an article that mentioned church marketing stinks. although i’ve never been to church marketing stinks, i have visited church marketing sucks on several occasions and have been intrigued by their analysis of church growth trends and the discussions such analysis has provoked.

surprisingly, after clicking through the church marketing stinks link and plugging into the old address bar I realized that they are dissimilar urls that lead to the exact same website. i suppose that church marketing stinks is the label they use for conservative, non-cussin’ ee-vangelicals that comprise the overwhelming majority of CT’s core audience and church marketing sucks is the label they use for more progressive, f-bomb dropping emerging eh-vangelical types.

apparently the creators of this website think it is acceptable to utilize the very same niche marketing techniques they criticize in order to increase their hit count and their search engine placement. let it be known that i find such hypocrisy deplorable and will never visit their site again.


Eric said...

Never been to the site before today, but one of the first things I stumbled upon was this:

Why we use suck, which makes for a good article title, and for a good companion piece to your post.

Beth said...

Well, their redirect URL *does* still lead to a page whose most prominent word is "sucks." However, my real takeaway from this post is that distinction between EE- and EH-vangelicals, a pronunciation weirdness I'd long wondered about.

Agent B said...

I visited that website about a year ago when I started my blog.

I remember some controversy about some christians that read it being offended at "suck".

That website turned me off because I was expecting something that was truly SLAMMING church marketing in general. Not a site that was SERIOUSLY trying to improve it!

g13 said...

thanks eric. i would peruse that article if i was not convinced that these were people among whom i should not even eat.

beth, eh-vangelical is everything that is good, beautiful and true about our tradition. notable eh-vangelical figures include st. francis, rich mullins and billy graham; eh-vangelical theology carefully balances scripture, reason, tradition and experience; and eh-vangelical missiology emphasizes both the incarnation and proclamation of the gospel in good measure. on the other hand, ee-vangelical is everything that sucks about our tradition, including apocalyptic movies, the ministry of tim lahaye and, last but certainly not least, songs such as shine jesus shine.

now that you know the difference between eh-vangelical and ee-vangelical you can carefully distinguish between the fruit and the thistles that springs forth from our culture and express your judgments in a proper, eh-vangelical manner.

if you would like further teaching on this matter, please feel free to order my three hour audio teaching that is entitled, "eh-vangelical or ee-vangelical, what's the difference?" at