Monday, May 22, 2006

where i get all political

just this once, let the record show that i passionately support a policy of our 44th president george w. bush. i think his immigration plan is one of the most important, forward thinking pieces of policy that a chief executive has put forth, and congress has actually considered, in years. i agree with w. when he asserts that the guest worker program will: better help us regulate the inflow of immigrant labor, reward long-term, hard working, tax paying immigrants with an opportunity to become citizens and provide the low-cost labor that a number of our industries (including service and agriculture) need to succeed.

i also believe that his plan to assign 6,000 national guard troops to augment the border patrol is a fairly meaningless move that is merely intended to mollify his base (who, somewhat absurdly, have painted this initiative as a regan-esque amnesty), but my differences with him in this area are trifling. i truly hope that this initiative navigates this way through the house of representatives and ultimately becomes law.


kidpositive said...

i gotta say i'm with you on this. surprisingly, i feel like bush has the corrective, constructive yet disciplined perspective on this. maybe it's because he's lived in texas, and understands the issue better than people who aren't from the southwest. i don't know. either way, i think this could actually be one of the most important moves he makes, as our relationship with mexico will only grow over time.

Before Girl said...

Do we even have that many National Guardsmen left in the United States, or have they all gone to Iraq?

james said...

Glad you posted this dude. I need to brush up on this move as i know next to nothing on it thus far, but glad you and KP are finding a positive in it.

In a similar maneuver as you've made here, stay tuned for my rant against a certain Massachusetts liberal forthcoming on my blog.

Rick said...

I do wish he had tried such an initiative when he had a firm grip on Congress. Instead he has to deal with a fragmented group of mean spirited right wing xenophobes that know he no longer can wield an iron fist.

a reasoned middle ground, who would hve thunk it?

Rick said...
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