Tuesday, May 23, 2006

is lboros a prophet or a son of a prophet?

yesterday, lboros - the finest redbird writer in the blogosphere - made the following prediction:

"now comes the king of steroids, still a-questing after no. 715. he's gonna hit it against the cardinals, no question about it -- the set-up is too rich with poetic justice for him not to. what better manager for him to hit it against than the one who gave baseball's original steroid sinner, joe canseco, his first big-league job -- and presided over needle-tainted clubhouses across two decades and two franchises? and what better team for barry to inflict the indignity on than the one that witnessed the juice-fueled destruction of homerdom's other mystical number, 61?"

there is little doubt that lboros' forthtelling (or speaking truth about the present) is right on. as every book on 'roids that is worth its salt has noted, la russa is linked in a circumstantial, if not causal, way to the genesis of the steroids era.

that being said, let us hope that lboros is as shitty a foreteller as he is a spectacular forthteller. i, along with the rest of the flock, do not want to have to cringe everytime we see a poster of, or merely think about, 715.

you can read the rest of his article here.


Rick said...

who in the heck would make a poster of the 715?

g13 said...

i dunno.

of course, i also dunno why anyone would want to give mark mcgwire a standing ovation after his appalling appearance before the congressional committee, but apparently 46,000 of my fellow cardinals fans thought it was a good idea last october the 2nd.

for my part, i booed his ass on that day and am thinking about burning the mcgwire batting jersey i procured sometime in '98. that might provide a good excuse for the first musings video blog.