Wednesday, January 28, 2009


as much fun as it is to ridicule governor blagojevich, his allegedly unethical activity raises a troubling question or two in my mind.

what if blagojevich's current position mirrors jose canseco's in 2005 when juiced was first published and he was a universal object of ridicule and scorn? are we going to find out in the coming months that blagojevich is more the norm than the exception? perhaps pundits are right in suggesting that he is only guilty of "doing politics on tape."

as we continue to track through the nuclear winter of recession and there is far less capital to grease the wheels of the government machine are we going to see an increasing number of politicians revealing the corrupt schemes of their "friends" in order to ensure that there is enough slop in the trough? in massachusetts we've already seen the speaker of the house bounced due to alleged ethics violations, a state senator fell in december after taking bribes on tape from the fbi and a city counselor from roxbury is about to fall. once you start indicting mass politicians where are you going to stop?

enough politics for now.


Anonymous said...

Let's talk about Blago's real crime here: his Magnum P.I. Sidekick haircut. WTF is that?

Hey Blago, Judd Hirsch and Jeff Conaway called: Louie needs the cab back by midnight.


Rick said...

The Florida Speaker of The House got a job with a college the day he became Speaker. What is strange about this? He had gotten them all kinds of money from the state legislature the previous terms.

politics on tape, no doubt.