Monday, January 26, 2009


for the past four weeks we have been listening to abram's story at the gathering. last night, as we rambled down highway 51, i couldn't help but but admire abram's responsiveness. although abram had significant faults and flaws, when God spoke abram responded and when God visited abram was quick to welcome.

as much as i hate to admit it, i am not seared by the experience of God as Abram was and i rarely receive the revelation of God as a call to action.

over the past several years, i've devoured books like spirit and flesh, salvation on sand mountain, the family and even body piercing saved my life that enable me to reflect upon my own faith tradition from a critical distance.

if i'm going to continue on this road of pastoral ministry i need to find my way - or be led - back to the place where the revelation of God can cut me open, reorder my understanding, recreate my heart and so ready me to walk together with God's community towards the good, the beautiful and the true.


Anonymous said...

Of course, your charismatic brother in Ohio would encourage you to "be open to anything" even if it appears strange. I'm sure the first few times Abram encountered God, it couldn't have been normal. How'd you like to be the old DB going around collecting foreskins because "God said so"??


g13 said...

yup, i'm definitely trying to be open to the "revelation of God," whatever form it might take.

btw - now that i'm a part of the gathering i have many pentecostal and charismatic brothers and sisters. i appreciate their incredible openness towards me and my proclivities. i've have even been told on one occasion that i "preached like a pentecostal."

Agent B said...

I can relate to wanting to abandon cynicism and embrace whatever weird ass thing god does.

Thanks for being you.

g13 said...

no problem. it's the one thing i'm good at and think i should be compensated for:)

congrats again on the baby. that's exciting stuff (meconium aside)!

james said...

he he, gettin' paid for being you. :)