Friday, July 11, 2008

the power of a praying pastor

something tells me that jeremiah, who is an old soybean bible friend and currently a pastor with the apex community in vegas, has established a far more sustainable bi-vocational occupation than i have.

if you know christians who are staunchly anti-gambling or have poor relatives who seek provisions from slot machines, be sure to share with them this example of how God providentially blesses prayer-full risks.

come on miah! little 8 pound, 6 ounce newborn infant jesus needs a new pair of shoes!


Jamie said...

oh my god, GENTRY. Ahahaha. Your last line made me choke on my coffee.

I sent the video and articles to my mom and it had the opposite effect I was hoping for. Something along the lines of, "that's interesting...being a pastor and gambling..." Oh, mom.

miah said...

it was a blast. thanks for the props broham. it was quite a kick seeing my ugly mug on the main page. so funny.

also, just so everyone knows, i had a sponsorship deal for the tournament since i work in the industry. i havent played poker with anything but sponsorships in over a year.

its been a very "rocky soil" because i have never known whether i was actually making a difference or not. however, given the amazing outpouring of support both from professional players and poker media, it's been clear that somehow God put me there for a reason.

it should be a kick to see how they portray me on espn this fall...i had cameras following me around for 3 days before i was eliminated...then they followed me some more anyway. heh.

g13 said...

miah, thanks for stopping by. it was a blast to read about you and watch the videos on i've received a number of emails and have seen you featured on a number of soybean blogs. i think everyone enjoyed your run.

as for your sponsorships, i read somewhere that someone had staked you and, as per usual, was being completely cheeky about both the exhortation related to your success and the baby jesus' need of a new pair of shoes.

thank you for your commitment to incarnational living. the poker world, and the rest of us, are all the better for it.