Monday, July 09, 2007


"your system is perfectly designed to produce the results that you are now receiving."

someone somewhere planted that saying in my mind years ago and i have yet to forget it. sometime in late may, after completing five months of incredibly hard job development work that yielded precious little fruit, i did two things. first, i prayer for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. second, i set out to break down my current job development system.

the first step took, well, prayer and the second step meant eschewing the internet and pre-fabricated job leads in order to start cold-calling and engaging in aggressive interpersonal marketing. both steps took a great deal of faith and the second required this failure-phobic pastor to set aside not a small amount of fear. however, now that i sit six weeks on the other side of that conversion and half a dozen of my clients are now working, i am beginning to realize the value of the steps that i took.

i am not posting this to boast of what God has done through my small efforts or to portray myself as an innovator of faith. rather, i am curious to hear your answer to the following questions:

are there systems in your life, your community and our world do you need to break?

if you were to break the aforementioned system, what results would you seek?

do you need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to break the system and assist you with the process of reinvention? what do you think His accompaniment would look like in your life?

maybe nobody is interested in answering these questions right now except for me. whether you are interested in the conversation or not, thanks for listening.

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