Saturday, July 14, 2007

elmer gantry goes to uganda

"When Ghanaian pastor Obiri Konjo Yeboah (or Kojo Nana Obiri-Yeboah or Yeboah Nana Kojo, depending on the news source) entered Uganda, officials at the airport seized his luggage. Inside was a machine that they believed was a piece of bomb-making equipment.

It turns out that it was the
Yigal Mesika Electric Touch, a gadget sold in magic stores that sends a 12-volt charge into anyone touching the person who's wearing it. The company says it will 'create excitement, mystery, curiosity, and supernatural powers all in one forgettable experience.'

Ugandan officials are worried about that "supernatural powers" part, and the pastor is now being investigated for fraud."

(ht: CT Weblog)


TheFM said...

I need one of those except I want mine to send out 10,000 volts. I'll go back to this last church looking forward to the "meet & greet".

I'll give new meaning to "reach out and touch someone"

or just go hang out at like the grand canyon and the various look out points they have and just hold on to the little safety bars they have up, acting like your looking at the scenery. All them suckers come and touch it!! LOL probably zap some little kids too...yes!

or go sit on the bleachers at some local football game and hold on to your seat. yeah boy, maybe i can get one on ebay

james said...

"Supernatural Powers...all in one forgettable experience."

So filled withthe power of God you'll forget every bit of it.

g13 said...

james, i sense that there's a joke in there about this pastor finding a number of ways to unknowingly fill his people with the power of God, but i'll leave such jokes to lesser commenters.

TheFM said...

oh, if its wise cracks you're looking for...all you gotta do is ask.

I adore "lesser commenter" status

How about this:

"YOU ARE HEALED!" - Electrical palm strike to the frontal lobe

I mean if he wanted a real show-stopper, he should have his conspirators gather around the victim to "pray" and while obstructing the view of the audience, he should just flat out shoot them with a tazer, and let em shake and twitch and thrash about a bit and just pull out the wires before they fall.

TheFM said...

I mean, that would be "awe-inspiring"
letting people experience the "presence and the power of God"