Tuesday, March 13, 2007

today's special...*

was the shit sandwich. early this morning a customer tried to run a three-legged race with me because he was pissed that i could not turn around a non-fat, half-caf latte in forty seconds or less. later in the afternoon i dashed into a friend's office to borrow a key so that i could use his space for an evening event and, although i only overstayed my meter by four minutes, was subsequently issued a $25 parking ticket. this evening, after the cohort finished dinner at the boston beerworks fenway, where we received the shittiest service known to man, we walked over to the aforementioned office for discussion...only to find that the key i picked up earlier did not work. we then retreated to the barnes and noble in kenmore square in order to regroup and listen to our keynote speaker, but were immediately told that this branch of the barnes and noble, unlike every other barnes and noble in the world, closes at 9 pm sharp.

by my mathematically challenged calculations that's four servings of shit which, whatever way you cut it, usually results in one clusterfuck of a day.

but here's the thing: although today's four course special was shit supreme i was surrounded throughout the day by the most remarkable people you can imagine. at the end of the day i realize that i have a boss that backs me up, friends who are not only willing to share their space, but also their stories and companions who are fascinated by and committed to following God in the way of Jesus.

so although i spent the day eating shit, i am one fulfilled motherfucker.

* caveat emptor: i curse a lot in this post. i try to be less profane, but it doesn't always work.


Before Girl said...

It's BOSTON. You know, the place where, like everything else in MA, the sidewalks roll up at sundown, unless it's a bar or club, in which case it's only the mass-transit vehicles that turn off at sundown.

james said...

well said. and way to find the lucky charms amid the turdsticks. :)

...that was horrendous service.

g13 said...

can i just say that it is damn near impossible to find an image of a real shit sandwich on google. i'm surprised that the adolescents of the world failed me on that one.

mike said...

you should pay your ticket in poo dollars.