Monday, October 16, 2006


on saturday i had the opportunity to man a hot dog stand and serve hundreds of families at salem's annual "children's day." by the end of the day i smelled like sausage, had openly lusted over a bull-mastiff that donned a hooters outfit and was thankful once again for the opportunity to stand beside and serve with the gathering - a community that simply seeks to "bless the people of salem." we'd love for you to serve with us this halloween as we bless the city of salem by providing hot chocolate, inviting people to hear confessions and serving the city of salem in any other way we can imagine. this is one opportunity you will not want to miss.

by the way, as i saw a hundred and fifty kids line up for the costume parade i could not help but think about some of the horrible costumes i wore as a child. i am almost ashamed to admit, especially in light of current events, that when i was nine years old i put on a "dr. k" t-shirt, pulled a mets cap down over my eyes, slathered my arms and face in brown paint and trick-or-treated as an inexplicably drug-free doc gooden. apparently in 1986 nobody thought twice about letting a kid roam the neighborhood in black-face, but i think that if a kid tried that today his experience might be, understandably, different.

what was your worst costume ever?


Anonymous said...

what was your worst costume ever?

Some kind of dumb-ass looking space alien. It was a pathetic mask with my regular street clothes. I wasn't even trying.

But the following 2 years I was Darth Vader which made up for it. The real mask/helmet, costume & cape sewed by mom. The whole 9 yards.

g13 said...

the pixie says that one of the guys from her home church at xenos dressed up as a giant piece of shit. i thought that was pretty funny.

not as funny as a buck-toothed, dumbo-eared, nine-year old in black-face, but funny.

Before Girl said...

Any year where the costume was the mask of whatever character you were, and a plastic apron with pictures of the character you were on it.

Oh and any costume that required me to put on my damn winter coat OVER the costume, so you couldn't tell what I was. Why Ma never thought to put the coat on UNDER the costume, or just make me wear long underwear under my clothes, I'll never know.