Monday, August 28, 2006


“follow me,” he commanded.

not: build my church, do what you love or fulfill your former professor’s expectations. just “follow me.”

so i try to follow and forgo my lust for success. i constantly tell myself that God doesn’t demand success and Jesus only expects obedience, while also realizing that i am bereft of both.

still the call remains, “follow me.”

i cringe every time i hear that call for i realize that responding to it might mean that i have to continue enduring 40 hours of meaninglessness in order to walk forward with this little band of disciples in beverly. furthermore, i loathe the idea of setting such a mediocre professional example, and providing so incompletely, for my child.

but i cannot escape the call: “follow me.”

so i’m going to follow...stumbling, cursing and grinding all the way. i’m going to continue learning how to uncover and celebrate the imago dei in my coworkers and i’m going to learn all that a slave of Christ can learn from 40 hours in customer service. i’m going to risk being vulnerable with my brothers and sisters so that we can share this struggle. i’m going to soak up the sermon on the mount and try to embody Jesus’ commandments in even the most mundane moments of my life in hopes that along the way i can encourage my brothers and sisters and call a few others to the life of Jesus.

“follow me.” i suppose that submitting to this command is enough. at least i believe that in my head. Spirit, i will rely upon you to transform my heart.

if you have a moment, check out what my buddy rags has to say about the great commission. chad’s one sharp cookie* and he has good things to say.

* whatever the hell that means.


jackaway said...

that reminds me of the best book on ministry i read this year: following Jesus by n t wright. it blew me away. im not sure if you have read it or not but its helped me wrestle through some of the questions i ask of why i am choosing ministry. i love you dude. cant wait to get back out there to see you all.

b said...

Thanks Jeff, this is a timely reminder for me.