Tuesday, August 29, 2006

mid-morning time waster

this morning, i began to think about experiences that appeared inconsequential at the time, but ended up being incredibly significant. if not for these unexpectedly significant experiences, i fear i would be a far different man.

1. in the summer of 1999 on a sun-drenched highway somewhere between florence and naples, trent seggelke introduced me to the pilot g2, 07 point, black pen. up until that point i had been a devotee of the uniball vision, medium point, black pen, but i often felt guilty for serving the uniball, since it did not feature a refillable cartridge and so contributed to extraneous post-consumer waste. now, thanks to trent, i have spent seven years devoted to the g2, which features a variety of vivid colors, a refillable cartridge and a luxurious, gently ridged non-stick grip. since that moment on the tour bus, life has not been the same.

2. in the late spring of 1994 kristi salter, a girl who had attempted to seduce me as a freshman, only to be rebuffed, and later turned into the girl who everyone said would give it up but didn’t,* finally convinced me to purchase a pair of black, eight eyelet, doc martin boots. although i had originally ridiculed these boots and made vague, unfunny jokes about the institutionalized futures of those who sported such orthopedic wares, i immediately fell in love with my docs, which i have beat to hell over the years but continue to wear.

3. sometime in late august of 2006 the pixie finally convinced me that irrigating one’s sinuses with salt water is an effective remedy for sinus infections. although immersing one’s sinuses with salt water is nowhere near as pleasurable as the salt water enema, the former practice is essential for those who struggle with allergies throughout new england’s most famous of seasons.

i could also write about the moment that my friend scott introduced me to bottle rocket and thus began my infatuation with the skilled, sexy wes anderson or the first time that miah began to expand my ecclesiology by talking about home churches, but i need to “get my big girl panties on” and get back to work.

feel free to share your seemingly inconsequential, but ultimately significant experiences below.

* praise ye the Lord.

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