Monday, August 21, 2006

five minute movie review: little miss sunshine

late Saturday evening, after a ball-breaking day of work, cade and i decided to go to the movies. although we planned to see talladega nights or perhaps catch a second screening of clerks II, when we saw little miss sunshine was playing we couldn’t help ourselves.

as we were sitting down i told cade that my expectations for this film were fairly low. although the cast was intriguing and the buzz was significant, i was afraid that this flick would be an overly sentimental, pseudo indie which would utterly fail to fulfill its potential.

fortunately, i was wrong. little miss sunshine is a brutally funny take on individual dreams, how we cope with the death of such dreams and how, mysteriously and unexpectedly, community holds our fractured individual lives together. i would love to say more, but my time is up.*

okay, i’ll say two more things. this film provides further evidence that beauty pageants, especially for little girls, are the most fucked up form of competition this country has to offer. furthermore, although she is only one member of a superb cast, toni collette smokes everyone off the screen. it’s just a matter of time before she wins an oscar.

* and then some. hopefully i’ll find some time to do some real writing in the near future. until then, thanks for your continuing patronage.


josh said...

sweet. those were my same concerns. which is why i haven't run to the theater yet to see it. but thanks for reassuring me it's not crap.

junkyardlove said...

We saw this on Saturday, too, and loved it.

Carrell's comedic timing, even as a depressed character, is genius.

Re: Pageants, I think Dwayne the teenaged-son said it best when he said, "This place is fucked!"

I just loved how messy and unapologetic the film was. I know i spelled that wrong.

cade said...

best movie i've seen all summer.

what? better than pirates? um. yes.