Monday, August 14, 2006

cohort gathering

boston's emergent cohort will be gathering on tuesday august 29th at a TBA location. the latter part is where we could use your help. although bukowski's is a great pub with cheap eats and an extensive beer list, lately it has not been very conducive to conversation. thus, craig and i have been thinking about relocating the cohort to a place where we can actually hear ourselves and one another think.

i know that there is an applebees only a block or two away from bukowski's. i realize that this location is the opposite of cool, but it might suit our purposes perfectly. if you have a better idea please speak now or forever hold your peace.


Landis said...


Are we set on meeting at Boston? Could we maybe meet somewhere here on the North Shore?

james said...

Didn't we entertain that place near Ruggles at one point? Is that place still on the table?

g13 said...

dude, o'leary's would kick ass (except on game nights at fenway)!

landis, i think this group is going to continue meeting in the city. however, i think a north shore cohort would make a helluva lot of sense as well. i know that pastor phil would love to let us use the gathering space in downtown salem as a meeting place. are you interested in getting that rolling?

Landis said...

Yeah, that would be cool to get that rolling soon.