Wednesday, June 07, 2006

today i’m

singing johnny cash in my head, loathing tepid coffee, reeling from spending a weekend in the rain, missing preaching, starting to read jpod, wondering why the umpire shoved me last night, wishing i was writing something substantial, completely clueless as to what that would be, loathing horse-hair plaster, in hock, tired of peanut butter, sick of rain, aping coupland’s juxtapositions, sending crooked river burning to an unsuspecting friend, contemplating a conversion to wordpress, believing tony soprano is the best tv lead ever, hunching over my desk to avoid detection, wanting to share more stories about work, afraid of getting dooced, almost ready to take a shit, committed to not taking jpod with me, hesitant to check the box scores, abhorring the taste of maxwell house, leaving you to procure a cup.

what's up with you?


Before Girl said...

Do NOT NOT take jPod to the shitter with you! I will hunt you down and make you find a way to dryclean every single page of my book!

Kellie said...

It's about time you got sick of peanut butter. What's it been....almost a year straight? Leftovers - the double cure.

junkyardlove said...

thanks for asking. i'm busy at work writing a grant asking the national endowment for the arts for cash. i'll be glad when monday the 12th is behind me.

i'm reading A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

i'm thirsty, but too lazy to get some water and don't want to have to pee later. healthy, eh?

Eric said...

Wordpress owns. pwns even.

All the cool kids are doin' it, cmon.