Tuesday, June 06, 2006


“a person can be in love with the idea of love. a person can fall in love with the idea of another person. less commonly, a person can fall in love with another person.

in fact, a person always falls in love with the idea of another person, not the person. falling in love with the actual person takes too much time and too much honesty. in the time it takes for it to be enough time, and to summon the strength it takes to mount enough honesty, it’s too late. a person is calling love something love that isn’t love.

unless it is. some people luck out. the thing they’ve been calling love turns out to be just that. such people exist. film at eleven.”

mark winegardner, crooked river burning, pg. 344.


Before Girl said...

This is one of those paragraphs you have to read 14 times to get it straight, and you can't read it late at night, or early in the morning and comprehend.

jackaway said...

i dunno, i just read it twice through and got on the third time...at almost midnight my time. it was just what i needed. thanks.