Friday, June 30, 2006

mid-morning time waster

last friday one of my co-workers sent a company wide email out asking whether anyone would like to purchase her extra ticket for the upcoming barbara streisand show at the soulless banknorth boston garden. the co-worker also extended an invitation to dinner before the show and stated that she was only asking face value for the ticket. the only catch? the face value cost of the ticket is $1,000.00.

now, i don’t want to criticize the upscale, urban, gordon gecko aping baby-boomer set who thought funny girl was fantastic and the prince of tides deserved an academy award, but i think paying $1,000.00 to see this paragon of plastic surgery prattle through a few songs is absolutely ridiculous.

that being said, i would be willing to pony up $1,000.00 to:

1. experience the beatles epic return (provided God resurrects john lennon and george harrison from the dead) to shea stadium

2. travel back in time and see johnny cash play folsom prison

3. see led zeppelin (including a miraculously resurrected john Bonham) play red rocks

ok, i’ve showed you mine, now show me yours. pick one category of events (i.e., concerts, sporting events, evangelical stadium events, etc.), that you would pony up $1,000.00 to experience. Feel free to be creative, but note well that listing an experience that is anyway related to american idol will be mercilessly ridiculed and anyone referring to world series experiences in 1985, 1987 or 2004 will quickly and quietly be erased. have fun!


Agent B said...

Travel back to 1977 and see YES play in Abilene on their Going For the One tour.

I'm told tickets were about $10 and only 15 rows of people showed up. It was like a private concert.

They later wrote a song about it. "Abilene" ("'s got a lot of what you don't need. It's got...lots of space") was an obscure B-side released in the UK only.

My nerdyness exposed...

james said...

Um, didn't you say just yesterday evening that you'd travel back to the '85 series for a cool grand?

Gotta say . . . going back to see KU defeat OU for the Championship in '88 might be worth the thousand, seeing that they'll likely not repeat such a win in my lifetime.

g13 said...

um, sortof. i said that i would give a grand to travel back in time to game 6 of the 1985 world series, provided that i could sit in a front row seat that was parallel to first base and be afforded the opportunity to utilize a dangerous, but non-lethal weapon during the eighth inning.

josh said...

how's about . . . a grand for being at the seinfeld finale and a grand for a cash concert. a grand to be in new zealand during the filming of the lotr and a chance at being an extra.

junkyardlove said...

Omg cheapskate! You would only pay a thousand bones to see cash at folsom or zeppelin or those other things you mentioned? Damn.

cade said...

of course, you know i am right there next to you on that beatles show. others on my list:

-experience a meeting of "the summit" (aka, the "rat pack" or frank sinatra, dean martin and sammy davis jr, and some other guys) play the copa room at the sands in vegas circa 1960.

-as for sports: '88 would be cool, but i've seen it enough on tape, and i would have a hard time paying $1000 to see ANYTHING at kemper arena. my pick would be courtside at the 2002 agassi/sampras u.s. open final.

-and as someone alluded to last night, i think front row at the sermon on the mount would be pretty kickin'.

g13 said...

leave it to cade to go all religious on us: )

here are three spiritual experiences i would pay $1,000.00 for:*

the opportunity to accompany st. francis on his mission to the muslim sultans during the fifth crusade.

spend two years serving beside uncle henri at L'Arche Daybreak's "new house."

hear MLK preach at the march on washington in august of '63.

attend one more dawson mcalister conference in which he inspires us to live out a legalistic morality and todd proctor gets us "stoked for God" with awesome praise and worship.**

*yes, i am a cheap bastard.
**just kidding.

cade said...

think how awesome that t-shirt would be.

the "settin' it right tour" AD 31

kidpositive said...

for me, i would be happy spending $1000 to see Jesus' resurrection. does that count as an evangelical stadium event?

g13 said...

i suppose it all depends on the staging...

Mike said...

um, i believe you are missing what is most important here.

you should buy the damn ticket and not use it so no one else has to go.

ali said...

Surprisingly enough, mine very closely match yours. The only change I would make would be to see Freddy Mercury and Queen instead of Johnny Cash.

ali said...

Oh, and I'd pay $1000 to go to Woodstock, but only if the drugs were included :-)