Friday, June 30, 2006

every time i'm on the verge of eguating relevant magazine with 7ball...

they publish an article by one of my friends or provide an unexpectedly provocative post. their recent interview with dick staub, author of the infamous christian wisdom of the jedi masters, is a perfect example of the latter. if staub's upcoming book the culturally savvy christian: a manifesto for deepening faith & enriching popular culture in an age of christianity-lite is half as interesting as this interview, it will be well worth reading.

in this little snippet staub explains one of the concerns he has regarding the use of movie clips in worship services.

"Too often having demonstrated our inability to exegete the Bible, resorting to proof texts, we've now expanded our incompetence to incompetent interpretation and applications of filmic texts. The majority of evangelicals are driven by the redemptive mandate not the mandate of creation, so they see film as an evangelistic tool more than an artistic expression. I am encouraged that a remnant of mostly younger Christians are seeing film for the art first … may their numbers multiply."

read it again. now, go read the interview and have a nice afternoon.

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