Monday, March 20, 2006

questions that are confounding my infantile mind

why is the united states of america a featured country in epcot’s “world showcase?” isn’t that a little redundant?

does anyone else suspect that adam morrison is the older brother of that autistic baller that was recently featured on espn? the other day he attempted a avant-garde, "defense by jumping jacks" approach. he's one strange duck.

why are people sending out patriotic spam to mark the third anniversary of this futile war?

why are “it” personnel almost universally condescending? relatively few car mechanics, vacuum repairmen and hvac technicians i’ve known expect to be treated with reverence and awe. why do computer mechanics expect to be treated differently?

how many tattoos must one have to work at the friendly toast? does their management refer to body art as "flair"?

why do people keep calling my cell phone and asking for hamlet?

why have i ignored the ncaa tournament for so many years? the tourney provides one of the most complex and compelling plot lines in all of sports.

why do we allow companies to treat us like commodities?

why is it so hard to love and so easy to hate?

why am I expected to walk on emotional egg-shells with SS sales reps? i need to save my sparse reserves of eq for our customers. our sales reps are going to have to develop thicker skin.

why do i continue to put up with blogger (the aol of the web log world) when free, open-source options like word press are available?

why are the decades old embargos against cuba considered sound policy? wouldn’t capitalism crack their ideological walls a hell of a lot quicker than imposed isolationism?


Agent B said...

I am with you on that IT observation. Although, I worked with a band instrument repairman that was 100X worse.

At a TV station I worked at, we just tried to purposely piss off the engineers (IT) since it was too easy and fun.

Try using descriptive words for computer parts like "This dooly whopper won't turn on my thingy". You can actually see steam come out of their ears.

miah said...

uh blogger is pretty free last time i checked. and they actually started out all underground and stuff. then sold out to google. heh.

Before Girl said...

Dan and I call America in Epcot "Boring Town" and pass right on by.

IT people are like that because they assume you have no computer skills and therefore have to be treated like a three year old. Try surprising them by telling them exactly what's wrong with your PC and watch them stutter in amazement. I used to verbally abuse the IT people at my last job quite openly.

Why do we allow companies to treat us like commodities? Because it used to be that companies would take care of their employees "cradle to grave" and assumed it would always be that way. We grew lax, they grew big and fat. Hence, where we are today.

Because love is changing and requires you to change with it, whereas hate doesn't.

You don't have to walk on emotional eggshells with Sales Execs. They expect that from you because they usually work on commission and are in a more precarious position. I think they just have permanent PMS.