Wednesday, March 22, 2006


my friend
dustin just penned an excellent, proverbial article that was featured in 7ball magazine. if you take a few minutes to read following the ants, i think you'll like it.

i've added
steve holt - STEVE HOLT! - to the ole sidebar. he and his wife chrissy are planning on creating incarnational communities of christian compassion in the boston area. be sure to check out his blog, which i'm sure you'll dig.

agent b continues to provide regular reports conerning his incarnational ministry. i'm so glad that larry cannon over at lifeway turned me on to this guy.


jackaway said...

so having been back from your community about a week now, i have really begun to miss the great sense of community and openness present among sinners and saints. thanks for a great week.

g13 said...

thanks jackaway! we really enjoyed having you guys out here. we miss deion the most, but your presence was definitely appreciated.

i had dinner with stephen and chris bilodeaux the other day. steve's a cool cat. i hope he and his wife have an opportunity to connect with s & s.

by the way, now that you're thinking about dissing wheaton, why not think about BU, BC or Harvard? huh, huh????

jackaway said...

because it has taken me three months to get jonikay motivated to move out here. she would kill me if i then decided to move out there after the month she has spent trying to get a job around naperville: applying and doing phone interviews and such.

also, i have the picture of deion by my computer in the office...except it has a pic of my room-mate and i from our fat-tuesday-fun in the frame over it now.

g13 said...

oh, i think we could talk her into staying in New England. she knows that our region is far superior to the midwest: )

Agent B said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I hear Larry recently got fired after accidently muttering the word "damn" in a management meeting. Something about wasting company resources by combing through "those damn blogs..."