Sunday, October 05, 2008

oh wait, no they didn't. it looks like christmas came early this year!
in times of nagging uncertainty it's good to know that some things never change.


Landis said...

Shame. Damn shame.

g13 said...

"It's Gonna Happen." That was the unofficial slogan of the Cubs this year. And it did. Another failed October. Another sweep. Another long, cold winter of what-ifs." - Gene Wojciechowski, Cubs Latest Failure is Worse Than Ever

g13 said...

"The end for the Cubs seems so abrupt, after their remarkable regular season, but here's the bottom line: They stunk and got steamrollered in three games. They lost for a lot of reasons, but it does seem odd that in the end, their hottest pitcher, Ted Lilly, never got the ball in a start in this series; that said, it probably wouldn't have made a difference. The Dodgers played like predators in this series, and the Cubs were just flat, leading to another winter and spring of recrimination on the North Side." - Buster Olney on the Insider Blog

g13 said...

Here comes the pity party. The talk of Bartman and black cats and billy goats. The wailing that the Cubs will never win the World Series, not after 100 years, not after 1,000.

It's so much bunk...

For the past century — and certainly in their most recent flop, an embarrassing first-round knockout by the Dodgers — the Cubs just haven't been good enough." - Ken Rosenthal, Cubs Should Learn from 2003 Red Sox

g13 said...

"Here's a suggestion for MLB, 2009: Start drug-testing fans … at least those who continue to invest their time, money and self-image in the Cubs." - Phil Rogers, Cubs Made It a Short Series

g13 said...

"The Cubs didn't just lose the NLDS as if they were in a hurry to start spring training. They lost it dully, totally, ridiculously with four days of play so bad, so uninspired, so stupid that they looked like a stooge team sent in from one of the television studios just over the hill." - Rick Telander, Cursing Their Fate; Cubs Worst Collapse Ever

g13 said...

"After the Cubs were thrashed by the Dodgers in Game 2, Cubs manager Lou Piniella was overheard challenging a few of his players, including Soriano and Ramirez. Piniella used the word “cojones” in the conversation.

Apparently the cojones — and the bats — didn’t make the trip to Game 3 in LA."


"The Cubs franchise is 18-50 in the postseason since winning that World Series in 1908.

So despite spending about a half-billion dollars to try and buy a pennant and a World Series title, the Cubs have won exactly the same amount of postseason games as the Cardinals over the last two seasons:


“The organization tried the Greek priest,” Piniella told reporters before Game 3. “I don’t know what the hell else to do." - Bernie Miklasz, Cubs: The Curse of Bad Baseball

g13 said...

"I Have Nothing to Say

And when I say 'nothing,' I mean it.

I am not opening comments on this post. Eventually, I will post a recap of this utter disaster, but it may take me a day or so. Until then, I want this post to stand alone on the front page as a monument to the worst performance I have seen in 45 years as a Cubs fan.

Good night." - Al Yellon, Bleed Cubbie Blue

james said...

Next year baby!! Next year is gonna be our year!!


g13 said...

not likely.

by the way, did you see this? how stupid is that?!

Anonymous said...

blah, blah, blah. how did we even think facing Torre and Ramirez in the first round was a good thing? Jeff, you know plenty about getting your ass handed to you by similar fashion: sweep.

The silver lining: I don't have to see the Brewers for the rest of the season either. And hopefully those jobbers from the South Side will follow suit.

Here's the problem. No excuses...but I do like how the media has the uncanny ability to crown the Cubs one week and damn them the next, like they had been saying, "I told you so" the entire time. Hindsight's amazing isn't it, Jay Mariotti? You douchebag.

BTW, these are the same media who obviously bet on the Giants in the Super Bowl.

So, go ahead and kick us while we're down.

"We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life."
C-3P0, Star Wars: A New Hope


g13 said...

"go ahead and kick us while we are down."

sounds like an invitation for constant derision.

how did you end up being a cubs fan anyway? you should support the reds or the indians you fink.

Anonymous said...

Like growing up in Oklahoma, living in Boston, and cheering for St. Louis? Who's the fink here?

I was converted to the Cubs the year I did my internship in suburban Chicago.

And I really got my distaste for Cardinal fans (g13 excluded) at LCS...annoying doesn't even scratch the surface. But Cards fans still rank fourth on fans that make me want to shoot them, then myself...right behind:

1. Steelers fans
2. Ohio State fans
3. Notre Dame fans (formerly #1, but have sucked for so long, they've slid)


g13 said...

please. the cardinals were the furthest team west for 60 years, had farm teams all over missouri, arkansas and oklahoma and thus won fans like my great-grandfather many, many years ago. i went to approximately 100 games at busch during my youth, witnessed the cardinals capping the cubs to win the 1985 pennant, have suffered through 3 horrifying world series defeats and danced on the tigers grave and neo-busch in 2006.

i am a fourth generation cardinal fan who did not dare betray my family by choosing to root for franchises that were either geographically closer or simply hailed from a town i resided in for four months. if i chose the former route, i would have a "slugger!" growth chart on my wall and if i chose the latter i could, conceivably, be a fan of the brewers, blue jays or red sox.

your mistake in selecting the cubs is analagous to my ill-fated decision to date airport girl so many years ago. ultimately i had the wisdom to gnaw off my leg and assassinate that relationship at an o'hare starbucks. i'm praying that one day you'll also face the facts and revert course as well.

Tyler said...

this blog has stepped up it's cub-hating, cardinal fanboy douche-baggery with all these comments.

You seem to be having a blast w/ all this lol.

I do hate when people talk about the "curse.." ...unless that simply means playing like total crap

Anonymous said...

Jeff, since you're a fourth generation Cardinal fan, shouldn't that logic make you a fourth generation republican?

Sorry, man. you know i got mad love for you. It's been too long...I gotta bust your chops every so often.

It's never been about locale. talk about gnawing a leg off: i'd rather be impotent than a Buckeye. I have a penchant for cheering for mediocrity. Why change my ways now...where would the excitement be? I'll always have the Red Wings to fall back on (i've been a Red Wing fan since ' I've seen 4 Stanley Cups hoisted...all of them fantastic).

And Tyler, "Cardinal fanboy douche-baggery" could be the best phrase I've heard in awhile. thanks for the laugh!


g13 said...

of course, i'd never deny my essential douchebaggery.

ksc, there is a strong minority of roosevelt democrats due to the in my family due to the significant impact of the great depression.

that being said, i found extending your logic quite fun. based on that i would be a third generation arKansan, a third generation oilman and either (depending on which stories you believe) a second or third generation bootlegger.

tyler, i think the curse talk is stupid as well. that's why i was shocked that the cubs ownership fueled that fire with that farce of an exorcism.

cade said...

it's not "slugger!" it's sluggerrr.

and he wasn't around when you were a kid. you would have had a george brett growth chart just like everyone else.

Anonymous said...


I think in his attempts to be original, Jeff probably concocted his own Todd Worrell or Jose Oquendo growth chart.

Jeff, as long as you're not related to Clinton, I have no problem with your Arkansan heritage. Especially if you're into bootlegging...purveyor of the high life.