Wednesday, October 01, 2008

a good night*

the cubs are well on their way to a three and out and friday night lights finally returned to form after a miserable second season.

i won't say much about the cubs getting man-rammed since you can catch the highlights either on the tube or online.

however, as much as i am ashamed to admit it, i am as excited about fnl's revitalization as i was about the final season of the wire. week one featured a blessed return to culturally distressed, football-centric dillon, where quarterbacks lead the most plausible subversions of the status quo, family values fail to escape the election booth and the natural light flows like wine. after a year filled with licentious cna's, murdered lechers and the odd john irving references, the show has once again made a believer** out of me. god bless texas.

* please note: this post will only interest my three readers who watch fnl, have direct tv and/or love to hate the scrubs.
** and, admittedly, a little bit of a doubter as well. questions raised during week one: when is the revitalized oil industry going to revitalize dillion? i don't think that they're importing saudi's to man those derricks that are popping up from tulsa to abilene. billy should already have a job. how does a woman, in west texas, transition from guidance counselor to high school principal? i mean, has this ever happened in recorded history? ever!? where the hell is street and is his, probably not aborted, child as hideous as baby taylor? how did lyla set aside casting crowns and curb her focus on the family man? did she curb him american history x style under the portico at the mega-church? if so, i hope the church's security camera captured the footage. did the galoot graduate? if so, something tells me he didn't get into dillon tech. did applebee's cancel their sponsorship? i can't think of a better way to advertise a shitty american chain than by making it the hub of a shitty american town.

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Anonymous said...

While I've never seen a frame of FNL, i do know this rule of TV: if it's remotely original or thought-provoking, it's out. The only reason Mad Men is still around is because of AMC. So, I applaud your sticking with an obscure show...

Perhaps FNL should've had half the cast go gay at the end of the season. That would've at least gotten them moved to GAY-BC.