Monday, July 21, 2008

five simple reasons the cardinals should sign barry bonds

1. the man can rake.

2. his defensive liabilities can be offset by late inning defensive substitutions.

3. he'll make the major league minimum and would be easy to release.

4. history has proven that larussa can wrangle the roiders.

5. affirmative action. the cards only have 1 african-american player and i don't think rico washington will be around for long.

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Jason Barr said...

I'd say once they get Carpenter and Wainwright back where they oughta be they'll be in good enough shape they won't need Bonds... after all, run production hasn't often been a problem, blowing saves has (leading the majors with 24, not a category in which you want to be first...). But I'm not really sure... I hear there's actually talk of moving Wainwright to the closer role he had in '06 when he returns... not sure how I feel about that - but SOMETHING has to be done to stop the bleeding.

I'm not sure what I have listed on my profile here anymore, and will probably go check after I've posted this comment, but we have a positively unholy amount of common interests, particularly in the music spectrum. I grew up in a Church of Christ of the Stone-Campbell variety, and have been considering adopting the "Christian Church" label for a church seed (it's not big enough to be a "plant" yet) some friends and I are starting up.


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