Friday, June 13, 2008

talking about p

this morning preston was in the best of moods. so why we were sharing a bagel i started plying him with questions.

"does your daddy love you?"

"do you love thomas?*"

"do you love the cardinals?"

the little man best watch his step or we'll be resettling in saint charles before he knows it. much as i respect the homers, i am not raising a red sox fan.

* the train engine. the object of p's first fetish.


Dale said...

Dude, they come around...earlier in their lives, my kids were ambivalent and sometimes defiant when asked "who do we cheer for?" Hearing 'um' is much better than hearing 'the BRONCOS!'

my kids are die hard KU, Chiefs and Royals fans

My son BEGS me to watch the Royals (at all hours of the day) and my daughter wants to wear her mom's KU hat constantly

What surprised me was my instinct to bitch slap people who tried to influence my kids away from my brainwashing

Anonymous said...

Little P had better realize where is bread is buttered and get with the program!!! We can't let our 5th generation Cardinal Fan stray to the dark side!!! ~ Mom/Grandma

slowfo said...

Dale, you're not the only one protective over your own brainwashing techniques. My kids can't even speak the word "Longhorn" in my house.

Oh, and if some neighbor kid brings a soccer ball over to our house, it mysteriously ends up deflated by a butcher knife....really weird how that happens. I'm kidding of course. Soccer is fine for all uneducated non-Americans who enjoy spasming in the grass and crying their little eyes out whenever they get a nudge from an opposing player. If that's your idea of fun....God bless ya.

And jg, so glad to hear that your sweet son will not be raised as a worshipper of the Evil Empire II. You're a good dad. Happy Father's Day my friend.

Smee said...

Awww... =)

But Jeff, there's nothing wrong with raising a Sox fan. His first allegiance can be to the Cards (NL), and a second, might end up being the Sox (AL).

mike said...

now i know what to get little P-unit for christmas! a little DO uni #34.