Saturday, March 29, 2008

you slowly realize you're a bad daddy when...

you try to introduce your son to mrs. renfro's habanero salsa.



mike said...

is kelie out of town or is this her way of letting you learn things the hard way?

there is a metaphore in this somewhere. i will leave it to you to dig it out of the piles of runny baby poo.

kristi said...

i am worried. about your son's chances for making it to adulthood. seriously.

g13 said...

oh, i think he'll make it. a couple of gerber puffs took the sting right out:)

Agent B said...

My son accidentally got hold of some spicy salsa.

He's 3 now and to this day he won't eat anything remotely "spicy". Not even like black pepper spicy.

slowfo said...

I think I find it most concerning that you felt the need to use the term "slowly."

Mark said...


thanks for the comment - you might enjoy, an insightful blog from a good friend and co-conspirator of mine. Steve and I go way back, and we share similar visions, etc.

as long as the celtics don't win,

g13 said...

hey mark,

thanks for the comment. i know STEVE HOLT! and appreciate his ministry and blog.

best of luck in chi-town. i'll try to keep up with your blog from time to time.