Wednesday, January 23, 2008


welcome to the fatosphere where, presumably, the biggest losers have far less to talk about.

wal-mart chief offers a social manifesto. wouldn't it be amazing if wal-mart is able to utilize their market share, dominion over suppliers and international influence in order to provoke positive environmental practices and serve its customers in a more holistic manner? if wal-mart continues to achieve some level of success in these initiatives they might just win over one more customer.

nick hornby, one of the contemporary kings of the common reader, interviews david simon, a television producer who is a little less enamored with the average reader. one poo dollar will be awarded to the first person to identify both of the television shows simon has created.

finally, i'm really excited about this hbo miniseries. i really enjoyed the book* the series is based on and think that hbo last military miniseries was pretty damn good.

* tip-o-the-hat to josh brown.


cade said...

teletubbies and sanford and son?

g13 said...

nope it was boobah and hannah montana.

you suck.

james said...

Regarding the fatosphere article...there was this short paragraph.

"One of the first obstacles to fat acceptance is breaking down the question of whether being fat is a choice," Kate Harding, founder of the blog Shapely Prose, said in an interview. "No fat acceptance advocate is saying you should sit around and wildly overeat. What we're saying is that exercise and a balanced diet do not make everyone thin."

Man, I just gotta call into question that last sentence. Sure, exercise and a balanced diet may not make everyone as thin as they want to be. But I'll bet this person dimes to donuts that their understanding of the terms "balanced diet" and "exercise" differs significantly from what the recommendations of the American Health Association. These may not make everyone thin but it sure as hell won't keep you fat.

g13 said...

two thoughts.

i hear you james. i think that the blogger is speaking of "thin" in a cultural rather than a medical manner. following the guidelines (did you mean the american heart association? i'm not finding much about the american health association online) you mentioned would likely help people reduce to, and sustain, their ideal weight. failing that, they could always go on the biggest loser.

two, while reading your post i couldn't get one idea out of my mind. namely, kevin smith writing a retail comedy that's set in a casual male xl store. that flick would feature kevin's self-depreciating fat-humor and would provide affleck with an opportunity to reprise his role as shannon hamilton, the trunk poppin' manager of the casual male.

james said...

You may be right in terms of thin being more cultural, but the quote used fat in more concrete terms "overeating" "fat being a choice"...but yeah.

In terms of the American Health Association, i couldn't come up with a name for the the numerous health organizations that advocate for 30-mins of exercise per day, and a low-fat diet. Tired to lump them together under one bad.