Tuesday, November 27, 2007

overheard: the nyt shares tales of jewish emergence

i am really exhausted and would rather sleep than summarize this article completely, but tonight i stumbled across the new york times* front page and was surprised to find a fascinating story about emergent forms of jewish worship.

apparently a number of young jews throughout the country are starting lay led, gender inclusive "independent prayer groups, or minyanim" where people of the faith are gathering to read the Torah, sing songs of the faith and search for a "sense of sacred community." how cool is that? i hope that the good folks at jewcy are involved.

if you know more about this emerging form of jewish worship, feel free to drop a comment below. i'd love to learn more about this developing movement.

* cnn.com you are dead to me. since you're so dead set on snorting cocaine off of britney's ass, i'm switching my allegiance to the nyt. salut.


BZ said...

Hey. Here are some more news articles about this growing phenomenon, from the website of Kol Zimrah, one of these communities.

Shawn Landres said...

See my article with emerging church expert Ryan Bolger, which appeared this summer in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. See also this Synablog review of Christian-Jewish emergent connections.