Tuesday, September 18, 2007

rock the vote

i'm probably the last person in the baseball world to hear about this, but marc ecko - some hipster i know next to nothing about - has purchased barry bonds' 756 home run ball and is now allowing fans to determine the fate of the ball.

so log on to www.vote756.com to vote on whether the ball should be: a) donated to the hall of fame; b) branded with a red asterisk before being donated to the hall of fame; or c) banished into space on a rocket ship.

i personally voted for option b because i think it is the most humiliating option and i think that the asterisk would encourage some idiot commentator* to construct a tortured analogy in which the brand on the baseball would be likened to the lamentable legacy of southern slavery.

so go forth and vote an then return to share your reasoning.



espn.com is now reporting that bonds, who has a well-documented penchant for leaving the income he receives from merchandise sales unreported and utilizing such funds to purchase homes and other amenities for his whor girlfriends, is calling marc ecko an "idiot" for spending $750,000 on the ball and doing something "stupid" with it. ecko did not respond directly to bonds' criticism but did offer to design a shirt for bonds that reads
"marc ecko paid $752,467 for my ball, and all i got was this 'stupid' t-shirt."

is it just me or is this turning into one of the greatest practical jokes of all time?

* calling stephen a. smith. baseball tonight needs your opinion, stat!

1 comment:

cade said...

mark ecko makes a pretty mean, free-crappy magazine, so he's got THAT going for him.

As for the ball...bartman that sucker. blow it to smithereens. who doesn't love a good explosion.