Sunday, September 16, 2007

the return of the cohort

hey one and all,

after a four month hiatus boston's emergent cohort is finally reconnecting. here are the vitals:

date: tuesday, september 25th
time: 7 p.m.
place: cambridge brewing company in kendall square (1 kendall square, cambridge, ma 02139)
purpose: generative conversation among friends

if you are an old cohort member, we'll look forward to continuing the conversation. if you're new to this cohort we'll look forward to connecting with you, together considering the beauty, goodness and truth of God's Kingdom and perhaps discussing how we can partner together to pursue Christ's mission in this world.

if you have questions about the cohort or would simply like to drop me a line at, feel free.*

peace of Christ,


* for those of you who have already dropped a line and until now have received no response, please accept my apologies. i've been a bit overwhelmed by the new father bit as of late but am hoping to be a tad more responsive in the near future.

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