Wednesday, April 04, 2007

a feeble request...

if you find yourself channel surfing on wednesday nights, please tune in to NBC and turn on to friday night lights. failing that, you can catch up with this amazing series by watching every episode online for free.

listen, i'll be the first to admit that FNL is not a perfect show. occasionally the plot drivers are inane,* the writers constantly underestimate the way that faith shapes the culture of small southern towns and, as drunken bee over at has noted on a number of occasions, the portrayal of teen life is a tad bit idealized.**

however, the show consistently portrays the beauty and promise that suckers even cynics such as myself into interpersonal relationships, while never flinching from the conflicts and complications that never cease to ensnare. in addition, i think that nbc has done a grave disservice to the show by marketing it as a sports drama when most of the compelling characters are women such as the coach's wife, who is played to perfection by tami britton, and the hub of the show is the family life of the taylor's, not the panthers pursuit of the texas state football title. i'm amazed that the legions of folks who bitch and moan about the dearth of family friendly t.v. are constantly tuning in to narcissistic, meaningless drivel like american idol while excellent, critically acclaimed shows like FNL are ignored into extinction.

i know that i've beat the FNL drum in this space before, but i'm still convinced that if enough you take a moment to listen to the tune you will eventually fall in line.

on a wholly unrelated note: the cardinals are in the process of getting curbed by the mets again. while i can't say that i like losing, i must admit that i'm surprised that the MVP3 core of rolen, edmonds and pujols carried the team this far.*** after 2004 i predicted that the team had taken its best shot and was on the road to rebuilding. who knew that after 2004 the team had one very good season and one unexpectedly magical season left in them? so be it.

* like last week's tragic train wreck that resulted in the football field of dreams.
** i.e., the students are a little too good looking and they party to the sounds of tragically hip indie pop instead of the steve miller band.
*** and by this far i mean the 2006 world series championship. still can't get over that one.


Agent B said...

Is this a serious review? C'mon.

I'm the guy who fell for your Larry Cannon gag, remember?


ahbahsean said...

Dude, I just watch because Tami Britton's hot.

Plus last night's roast speech of the coach where she used the word "y'all" a guiness book record of times was awesome!

I will watch FNL with you as long as you don't mind my sharp barbed comments to the tv screen such as "Why don't you go to Applebees so Tyler Florence can make you a sandwich?!" etc, etc.

g13 said...

agent b - my unabashed man love for FNL is no joke.

becky - i'm glad you're watching. rest assured that tami's overuse of y'all was as calculated as everything else she does. that's one slick, slick chick. see you in three days!

mikeofearthsea said...

Is it my imagination or does the red-head in the picture look just a little bit like Kellie?...