Monday, November 13, 2006

some sacraments are unexpected

a few moments ago, while talking with cade about N&MBL@* and surfing i ran across a puff piece titled worst jobs ever. i found the first few entries, which focused on a subservient cocktail waitress and driving range ball bitch, rather innocuous. but then, but then, i ran across a winner:

"While in college (down south where there's very few jobs), I worked in a factory that made the plastic covers for Die Hard car batteries. The covers would come sliding down the conveyor belt after being stamped by an automated machine with the words DIE HARD. My job, was to stand there (not allowed to sit) and look at each plastic cover as it passed and make sure the words DIE HARD were stamped on perfectly straight. If it was crooked (AND THEY NEVER WERE) I had to throw it out. To make matters worse they were 12 hour shifts. 5 minutes literally felt like an hour. It was so loud you had to wear ear plugs, so you couldn't even use a radio to pass the time. Not the worst or grossest job in the world, but DEFINITELY one of the most boring and mind-numbing." -townclose

have you ever had a job that is as monotonous or hilarious as this one? if so, please tell. as for me, this little story is a sacrament that has set me free to sail into tomorrow (relatively) unencumbered.

* if you ask nicely, mr. sajak might let you buy a vowel.


Anonymous said...

"Lord, I was born a nambing man..."

- Allman bros

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"You've got to know when to hold 'em"

- Kenny "the Nambler" Rogers

g13 said...

kenny rogers is a cheater.

Kellie said...

You know those little paper deposit slips you fill out at the bank. One of my jobs was to scan them and then type in the account numbers for each of those slips for 4 branches.

Before Girl said...

Working various assembly lines at a factory that made lightbulbs, heating units for Mr. Coffee machines, and air conditioner parts. This is a blog entry unto itself, and that gives me an idea to write about for this week. So, go look at my blog if you want to know the dirt. And if you don't, stay here, or go somewhere else-it's a free country (for now).

b said...

I worked the overnight shift at the front desk of a hotel.

For some reason people (and I mean lots of people) find it amusing to s@%t in the bathtub and then call the front desk gleefully to request an emergency clean up.

Worst. Job. Ever.

Mike said...

i have had many, but i will just list the ones in christian camping:

1. stand chest deep in human shit and fix a pipe.... at least three days a week

2. drive the trash truck and at least once a week have a trash bag break and cover me in maggots, vomit, and/or used tampons.

3. as director at WO i had to clean up dirty tampons not once but four times.

4. i was the "night host" at the church conference grounds my job was to absorb all the hate, bitterness, short tempers, and rudeness of the christians who came on retreat to meet jesus.

and this last one from Youth Ministry: trick kids into coming to the church for food, games and entertainment - then when i got them there sneak in some dogma and try to indoctrinate them. that last one is where i lost my soul.