Tuesday, November 14, 2006

now that it is far less likely to be perceived as piling on...

i would like to draw your attention to jeff sharet's piece entitled Soldiers of Christ that focuses upon ted haggard and new life church. in this article, which was published in harper's over a year ago, mr. sharet skillfully reveals the triumphalism and alludes to the docetism which plagues american evangelicalism. moreover, he also records the musings of a royal ranger leader which now seem eerily prophetic. if you take the time to peruse this article, or any number of pieces on killing the buddha you will not be disappointed.

of course, after you read the article i'd love to hear your thoughts and reflections.


update: KTB has also posted these reflections by patton dodd, who is the author of the well-regarded my faith so far, beliefnet columnist, alumnae of oral roberts university*, attender of new life church and close friend of ted haggard. patton's intimate reflections focus on the power of repentance and the hope reconciliation. this article pierced my soul.**

* the campus of which looks so much like walt disney world's tomorrowland (circa 1986) that it skeeves me out)

** i realize the latter statement probably sounds cheesy as hell, but...


Before Girl said...

Read the article.

Honestly? I have to read this stuff to be aware of how dangerous it is to be different. Now, Christians scare me even more.

Anonymous said...

I was really stunned to read that Patton Dodd piece. Some years back, maybe 1999, I was at a national nondenominational GenX event (back when people believed in GenX, you know) and he came to a Eucharist I celebrated sort of clandestinely. We had a long, deep talk at supper, and I never forgot it. Every time I saw him surface somewhere I was pleased to see his name. Anyway, in the midst of many questions, he described, very discreetly, his struggles with some aspects of his position at "a charismatic megachurch." And then when I saw that truly first-rate Beliefnet piece I was like "oh God, it was THAT charismatic megachurch...."