Saturday, November 11, 2006

boston's emergent cohort presents peter rollins

on tuesday, november 21st @ 7 pm the cohort will be gathering at boston beerwork's fenway location (61 brookline ave, boston, ma 02215) for food, drinks and theological discussion. our guest this month is peter rollins, who is a founder of the ikon community in northern ireland, a philosophical theologian who is deeply intrigued with the emergent church and the author of how (not) to speak of God. in how (not) to speak of God peter provocatively exposes the theoretical foundations of the emergent church and explores how the ikon community has sought to innovatively commend and incarnate the God about whom we can never speak definitively, but should never stop speaking.*

in short, this is one cohort gathering you will not want to miss. if you'd like to know a little more about peter rollins, check out this
short interview at if you are interested at picking up a discounted copy of how (not) to speak of God you can pick one up at the gathering. if you live in another city and are interested in hearing Peter speak, check out his additional speaking dates. and, lastly, if you have any questions about our gathering, contact jeff at

* the latter clause in this confounded sentence was inspired by peter's writing but is not a direct quote.


josh said...

dude that's awesome. guy is crazy smart. we just did a podcast with him and i didn't even know what he was talking about half the time he was so brilliant. i might fly up.

btw, i need to get with either you or james and talk about home brewing. didn't know if you guys were in that scene or not. but i want to start brewing and have a chance with getting a kit for a christmas present. but am clueless.

Anonymous said...

Great solo act. I loved him with Black Flag.

g13 said...

josh, you're more than welcome to visit. jump on a southwest flight from atl to manchester, nh or a delta flight to boston and we'll put you up for a couple of nights (probably on a floor, but beggars can't be...: ).

agent b - i don't get it.

Anonymous said...

g13 - I don't either.

I was purposely being a jackass. Purposely.

All I could think about was that "___ Rollins Band" in the 90's. Henry?

james said...

Josh would love to have you up! I could then show you the homebrew kit I was recently given as a gift.

Agent B - I got the gag. good one. And it is Henry.

g13 said...

oh henry! the guy who tatoos steve-o in the jackass movie.

that guy is BAD ASS.

james said...

that is indeed him. Quite an intelligent fellow as well.