Thursday, November 09, 2006

before i forget i would like to admit…

that in the workplace i am a detail oriented, task driven, motivated mother(bleep)er. i work well with people are committed to working hard and getting the job done and i disdain people who either do not have their (bleep) together or laze the day away. in addition, in regards to inter office communication, i communicate in a clear, carefully considered, matter of fact manner. i neither speak inappropriately to my coworkers or pussy foot around potential problems. i will not disregard people’s errors or ignore failure to meet minimal standards in order to protect someone’s feelings. if you are looking for someone who will overlook your errors in order to protect your emotions watch.(bleep)ing.oprah. the miracle of syndication has ensured that she is easily accessible.

in other news, last night, after talking to josh jackaway about his mega-church experience and peppering him with questions for four hours, i realized that i am still utterly fascinated with every form of church. occasionally someone will openly wonder whether my participation in a home church is simply a revolt against and/or critique of the mega-church. let me assure you that it is not. i did not give my life to serve the home church in particular but to serve the catholic church writ large. thus, i am constantly fascinated by the variety of ways that people proclaim the gospel of Jesus, incarnate Christ’s Kingdom and pursue God’s mission in this world. of course, that does not mean that any form is beyond critique.

ever since the cardinals won the world series i have not taken off my team gear, stopped reading recaps of the series and pouring over the pictures in sports illustrated’s world series edition. after so many years of post season frustration i am utterly amazed that the cardinals are the world champions. i am planning to write about my world series experience in the near future and, for frugality’s sake, am forever grateful that i do not live anywhere near the cardinals team store.


ali said...

And if necessary, you will pick a loud, uproarious argument with certain representatives from the credit department.

g13 said...

sometimes this job just kills me.

sample conversation from today.

cust: "hello, i would like to get a credit for a damaged frame."

me: "ok, do you have your order number handy?"

cust: "no."

me: "no problem. what is your customer number?"

cust: "i don't know. can't you pull it up?"

me: "i can. what is the name of your business?"

cust: "hotflash america. we're in little rock, arkansas."

me: "ok, hold for a moment...alright, i've retrieved your record. do you know the product number of the frame that is damaged."

cust: "no."

me: "do you know anything?"

g13 said...

the reason i mention the mega church bit? because of instances like last night wherein someone asked a close friend, who works for a big yellow mega church in upstate illinois, "isn't jeff anti-mega church?"