Friday, September 15, 2006

mid-morning time waster: "i'm not here to teach. i'm hear to learrrn."

lately my life has been a bit crazy. i’ve been thinking about life after the SS, preparing to unite two friends in marriage this weekend and trying to be a good husband to the pixie and a good daddy for dizzy. fortunately, in the midst of all the craziness, i’ve continued to be a model pedagogue. here’s what i’ve been learning:

when you dream about mr. stomach fighting mr. anus, you’re in for a long night.

cigarettes are not acceptable substitutes for asthma inhalers.

the dark, sexy russian at the poker table just might have more in common with yakoff smirnoff than a scheming ringer.

prayer changes things.

but christian cliché’s still suck.

there’s a fine line between a funny cynic and a dream killer.

benadryl-d really should be taken in recommended doses.

loose canons have shitty moorings.

contrary to popular opinion, there are
biblical commentaries that are well-written.

so what are you learning?


Kellie said...

Always, always, always carry snacks.

Screaming "Ahhhh!!" into the phone is not good business etiquette, even if a mouse did just run past your desk.

Daddyman said...

Pumeling people with the butt stock of your rifle is not a leadership style.

absence does make the heart grow fonder

make a list and check it twice.

g13 said...

hey JR good to hear from you. be sure to watch your ass over there...i want to introduce you to kellie and i's baby next spring.

Before Girl said...

Never throw your house/car keys into a donation bin along with your donation.

White buffalos aren't that common, unless it's on a small farm in Wisconsin.

Hope you never have a front row seat to see a dog go flying out of a moving car's window.

If you don't eat the oyster crackers that come with your chowder at a restaurant, save them and put them in the glovebox of your car for a snack. Sure, they may eventually be stale, but it's better than being hungry.

(Oh and Kellie? Don't go to the Lowe's in Woburn. I was there last week and I saw 2 mice in less than five minutes inside the store.)

Mike said...

liquor before beer never fear, beer before liquor never sicker

people are as dumb as you think.
when they say it isn't you, its them, they are lying - it is you.

once bitten twice shy.

do not touch does not apply to me.

the ends don't justify the means.

junkyardlove said...

I never know what could be going on in a person's private life, and therefore I should have more grace.

word verifications are hard to read.

misty said...

I wrote this on my blog, but you might find it interesting here (or unfortunately don't read my blog)...ok it doesn't sound as concise and clever...

The title "pediatric nurse" said in Russian is funny. Something that directly translates is close to "nurses that work with breast-children". I laughed on the way home picturing young children with breasts.