Friday, June 23, 2006

hey, hey, ho, ho, go, go, go!

hey you bible college boys and girls, seminary drop outs and holy rollin' hep-cats should know, our internet crooners and cronies are puttin on one smokin' theological show. check it out:

beth over at
until translucent is providing some punchy, pitch perfect reflections on the imprecatory psalms.

meanwhile, for two days
dustball has been showing off his theological chops by riffing on the wrath of God and the down-home, finger-lickin' goodness of the gospel.

steve holt is fusing tunes new and old and jammin' on about about the christian political soul.


RC said...

thanks for the psalm link...i'm glad i read that post.

--RC of

Off Paper Words said...

I can't wait to read your links! I read the ones on the Baptist Convention (have a lot of similar feelings and my husband and I are just making a move away from the Baptist church for more reasons than that). And I found the article on Christian rock. Wow! That was really thought provoking and I shared it with a lot of friends and we've had some pretty great discussion about it. Thanks!