Friday, May 05, 2006

you know the kind of guy who does bad stuff all the time and then wonders why his life sucks?

last night, after wondering why microsoft has to interrupt the best work related sitcom of all time with advertisements for business software, i thought a little bit about earl’s list. i don’t know about you, but during the earl’s intro every week i focus on the quick glimpse we have of the list in hopes that it will reveal clues to future plots (for the record, "stole a car from a one legged girl" was my favorite). last night’s glimpse was too quick to reveal any clues, but it did get me thinking about what would be on my list. i suspect that if karma decides to kick my ass, it will be for one or all of the following reasons.

1. stole $6,500 in aluminum cans from handicapped kids and then escaped acquittal
2. dumped a girl at the airport while waiting for our connecting flight
3. ransacked a unsuspecting dorm mate’s room and exposed his secret stash of panty hose
4. offered a free “cockroach julius” to an unsuspecting customer
5. threw a chair at my unsuspecting, insecure music teacher

what's on your list?


cade said...

i'll have to get back to you on my list, but i did notice a new one on 'earl' last night:

"set mice loose at a school play."

not sure they can do a episode of it, but still pretty cool.

Rick said...

how do you watch this show with church on Thursday nights?

You need TiVo to stop and read the list. I have never thought to do that. I think I deleted last night's show after watching too.

Rick said...

my favorites include

"told Joy Bruce Willis was a ghost"


"replaced Sheridan Lang's birth control pills with tic tacs"

Rick said...
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cade said...

come on, rick. we plan church AROUND "earl" and "the office."

"told Joy Bruce Willis was a ghost"

ha! great.

ahbahsean said...

It's Gentry's goal to have a sermon that fits into the commercial breaks.

You'll make it one day, G.

Mike said...

i am not sure i want to share my list because; A)i think it would scare you, B)the statute of limitations hasn't run out on some of those puppies.

i will share one: when cade had a stocker, she would leave little presents for him at our door. not all the presents he got were from her.

oh, and i guess i can share this. when we were all at KU we convinced Donald that we thought some crappy octopus (or something) movie was the greatest movie we had ever seen and the result was he went to see it.

miah said...

Talking a freshman into putting a fine layer of Icy Hot in several other freshman's clean underwear when they were in the shower. Which one kid had to leave class later to address.

On my last day at Cub Foods saying over the store intercom, "Mike Phillips, Brian Cutler needs a cucumber in the rear. Mike Phillips, Brian Cutler needs a cucumber in the rear. Thank you."