Monday, May 01, 2006

concerning charism and calling

jean vanier believes that the purpose of a l’arche assistant is to identify the gift of each member of the community and serve each member of the community as they struggle to give birth to their gift and so enter into new life. vanier also believes that in the midst of encouraging, challenging and even coercing new life out of his fellow members, the assistant will be surprised to find that he is being pushed and pulled into new life as well.

anyway, that’s what vanier thinks.

and i think he’s right.

i suspect that it’s time for me to set aside my own search for vocation so that i can once serve as an effective midwife to each member of my community.

i hope that i’m setting myself up for a surprise.


Michelle said...

G. ~

I'm due any day. I've been looking for a good midwife too. Coinsidance or Spiritual impass? You be the judge. Ina May may just become a household name for you.

Pastor Phil said...


Giving up search for self is always helpful in the pursuit of life. The desperate search for our gifts is often the barrier to discovering them. Simple service is the key to finding vocation, because we finally learn that we are merely slaves.