Monday, May 08, 2006

hey fans, it's time for tonight's aflac trivia question

in one of his most recent articles, noted seamhead scribe ken rosenthal completely slams royals owner david glass. among the charges he levies against glass is that he:

a) reaps tens of millions in mlb subsidies that he hoards for himself

b) promotes unskilled, yet eager employees into marquee administrative posts instead of paying the asking price of experts

c) fails to offer young players what they are worth, leading draftees to ignore the royals and budding stars to lust for their relase

can you guess which major fortune 500 company glass served as CEO?


g13 said...

some of you - such as cade - might see this post as a blatant attempt to ignore the fact that the cardinals are getting their asses kicked by the rockies tonight. if that's the case, i'd say some of you are probably right.

cade said...

that would be wal-mart, joe.

david glass can go to hell. or sell the team. or both.

when the cards start routinely losing games 10 at a time, then i will pony up some sympathy. until then, i can just say this: the rockies aren't that bad this year.