Thursday, April 06, 2006

so i went to the doctor yesterday…

on account of my tingling left arm, they told me i might have a torn rotator cuff. i threw baseballs for years and did absolutely no damage to my arm. now, after carrying a couple of buckets of waste veggie into the basement and off-loading a couple of cartons of catalogs at work i might have to see a physical therapist or have surgery.

that figures.

i’m twenty-eight years old, have a torn rotator cuff and a prostate the size of a national league baseball. perhaps i can find a way to contract tennis toe, psoriasis or gingivitis. Then my list of small, strange yet nagging injuries would be complete!

on second thought, let’s scratch the gingivitis. i don’t want to face the armenian warrior who works at the dentist’s office any more than i absolutely have to.


Agent B said...

I'm with ya man.

Last week I jacked up my lower back lifting my 90 lb amp rig out of the car. I know you're supposed to lift with your legs and all that jazz. But that's impossible with heavy items in the trunk of a '93 lincoln towncar.

A week later my back is finally getting somewhat normal.

I'm 35 and finally accepting that my body is not indestructable.

Before Girl said...

I'm with ya, too. Three years ago I hurt my lower back bending to pick up a sock from the floor, spent the day out of work and lying on the floor in my living room. I've also been to physical therapy and while that helped temporarily, the nagging ache is there every day still. I'm 30 (soon to be 31)

ali said...

I love being young and health :-) and I'm also quite please that I don't suffer from an enlarged prostate!